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Stirile zilei - News of the day

Only a sliver of Americans eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Just 12% of Americans eat the minimum daily fruit recommendation of one and a half to two cups per day and only 9% consume ... Discuss
You are alive right now and able to read this article in part because of Earth's plush atmosphere, a blanket about 60 miles thick. Its most plentiful ingredient is nitrogen, its most beloved oxygen, its most concerning carbon dioxide, and a smattering ... Discuss
In the BBC radio comedy show I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, panellists are sometimes asked to sing “one song to the tune of another”. Hilarious results ensue when the words of one song fit the rhythm and metre of the other but they have completely different... Discuss
Scientists have discovered a dinosaur-era shark with 300 teeth and a snake's head off the Portuguese coast. The frilled shark was caught by a trawler during a research project on how to minimise unwanted catches during commercial fishing, according to ... Discuss
When the cosmos shoots pool, it plays for keeps. It sunk a six-mile-wide rock in our pocket of the solar system 66 million years ago. The smack of the asteroid against Earth released energy on the order of billions of atomic bombs. Dinosaurs were the ... Discuss
They called it a wake, but the loved one they had come to mourn wasn't a person. It was the Cassini spacecraft, the robotic explorer that had spent the last 13 years unlocking the mysteries of Saturn, its rings and its many moons. Soon after Cassini ... Discuss
Six million years ago, a hundred-pound otter was on the prowl somewhere in the swampy wetlands of what’s now southwestern China. Unlike today’s playful sea otters, which use stones to smash open urchins off the Pacific coasts of North America and ... Discuss
The 7-year-old boy was dying. An infection had destroyed most of his skin, he was too weak to eat, and he was in agony. Doctors in Germany were planning to provide palliative care — keeping the child as comfortable as possible while he died. But there ... Discuss
Wounds heal more quickly if they occur during the day rather than after dark, a study suggests. It found burns sustained at night took an average of 28 days to heal, but just 17 for those that happened in daytime. The team, at the UK's MRC Laboratory ... Discuss
Of the roughly 1.1 billion sheep on Earth, roughly 1.1 billion have no idea who Barack Obama is. But there are at least eight sheep who can recognize the former president by his face. After a few days of training at the University of Cambridge in ... Discuss
You know how when you don’t get enough sleep, you feel like you’re moving through the day in a fog, feeling dopey? That’s because you are, a new UCLA study suggests. Indeed, sleep deprivation can actually stop your brain cells from communicating correctly and ... Discuss
Food webs might seem clear to you—grass grows in the sun, cows eat the grass, you eat the cow, you play on the computer. But it doesn't always work that way in the animal kingdom. Today’s word of the day is kleptopredation, a new way of eating that was ... Discuss
In a disease riddled with unknowns, it's one of Alzheimer's biggest mysteries: Why do women make up two-thirds of cases? An innovative new study may offer some insights and help develop effective treatments. November is National Alzheimer's Disease ... Discuss
A large international team of researchers working with data sent back from NASA's Kepler space telescope has found evidence of 20 previously unknown, promising exoplanets. In their paper uploaded to the arXiv preprint server, the team describes the exoplanets ... Discuss
Nearly every depiction of extraterrestrial life are of green figures with large heads, and bug eyes, that look, well, alien. But new research suggests that if advanced beings from far away worlds exist, they may look a lot like us. Scientists at the ... Discuss
About 200 million years ago, a giant meat-eating dinosaur — one so large it was about twice as long as a giraffe is tall — left behind three-toed footprints as it trekked across the muddy ground, according to a new study. Now, researchers are studying this massive ... Discuss
By the standards of the Paleolithic age, members of Homo neanderthalensis were the height of sophistication. These ancient hominins ranged across Europe and parts of Asia for more than 300,000 years, producing tools, jewelry and impressive cave ... Discuss
Spider silk continues to impress with its unique properties. It's not just about its strength and toughness — spider silk might soon be used to improve acoustic properties. Binghamton University professor Ron Miles and graduate student Jian Zhou looked at what ... Discuss
Ocean plastic is an indiscriminate hazard. It harms fish and kills seabirds, which wash up with bellies full of trash. Turtles swallow it because, the thinking goes, they mistake the floating waste for jellyfish. Less well known are the ways plastic ... Discuss
The changes spaceflight induces in astronauts are much more than skin deep. Space travel strongly affects the way genes are expressed, or turned on and off, preliminary results from NASA's "Twins Study" have revealed. "Some of the most exciting things that we've ... Discuss
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